From left to right, Megan Tyler, director of MBA enrollment; Travis Roach, Ph.D., assistant professor of economics; Ethan Waples, Ph.D., director of the MBA program; and Stuart MacDonald, Ph.D., professor of finance in downtown Oklahoma City.

The University of Central Oklahoma College of Business will now offer two new majors within the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. Students will have the opportunity to choose a major in either healthcare or energy systems.

“We’re extremely excited to offer professionals in the Oklahoma City metro area the opportunity to advance their skills and gain new knowledge in order to keep themselves at the top of the talent pool,” said Ethan Waples, Ph.D., director of the MBA program for Central’s College of Business.

The new healthcare major is designed to integrate the core curriculum of Central’s MBA, while providing specific depth of knowledge in topics related to the healthcare industry. The healthcare major is built for professionals working in a number of industry groups within the healthcare sector. The major will provide students with knowledge and skill development through integrated and application-based learning. Specifically, the program offers targeted courses covering healthcare finance, healthcare informatics, innovation in healthcare management and legal issues in the healthcare environment.

Central’s new energy systems major is designed to cultivate energy professionals who are as skilled in navigating the complex legal environment surrounding energy production and disposition as they are in forecasting energy supply and demand conditions. In addition to a strong analytical focus, the energy systems major provides students with seminar courses in energy law, antitrust and regulation. These courses, in particular, offer a holistic approach, with special attention paid to engaging energy industry leaders as seminar speakers.  Coursework will equip students with essential quantitative skills, including advanced optimization methods, time-series forecasting and simulation techniques.

“We’re fortunate to have the faculty expertise in healthcare, oil and gas, electricity, and renewables to offer these concentrations. More importantly, we can do so while maintaining our stance as the highest value MBA degree in the metro, with regards to our ability to help graduates generate return on investment. This is only further enhanced by our distinction as an AACSB Accredited institution,” Waples added.

In addition to the new program majors, Central will continue to offer its existing general MBA.

Central’s MBA is a 35-hour program that can be completed in just 16 months.  All classes are offered in the evenings in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City. The program is offered in a cohort-based format designed to provide teambuilding, networking and career-building opportunities for students.

The new program majors will be available beginning this fall.

For more information about an MBA from Central visit mba.uco.edu or call 405-974-5445.