UCO Photo Services.What Is 2BLeaders?

At the UCO College of Business, we know we are not just in the business of imparting knowledge to our students.

Our job is to inspire new leaders to act. We are taking our students outside the classroom and challenging them to think, to implement and to lead.

2BLeaders engages students to take that next step toward leadership.



Empowering our students to become agents of positive change in their organizations and communities.


Providing learning opportunities that will enable our students to become impactful by developing core leadership competencies that employers and students deem valuable.


  • Expose students to current leaders in our local business community.
  • Expand students’ self-awareness to capitalize on strengths.
  • Encourage students to take initiative.

Program Requirements

Student Requirements

  • Declared UCO College of Business student
  • Enrolled full time (12 or more hours)
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Minimum 60 hours completed
  • Membership is for the full academic year
  • Enroll in three credit hours
  • Have a strong desire to lead
  • Meet with assigned mentor a minimum of once a month

Student Benefits

  • Tuition waiver for an academic year
  • Mentoring relationship with local executive
  • Team building through ropes course
  • Personalized executive coaching
  • Self-Assessment tests to help develop strengths
  • Organization/planning of NetworkIt event

The application process for the 2018-19 2BLeaders class has closed.
Applications for the 2019-20 class will open in the spring of 2019.

2BLeaders EventsUCO College of Business students at Networkit event


Each spring, the College of Business and the Broncho Business Leaders (2BLeaders) host a speed-networking event that puts current College of Business students across the table from professional UCO alumni from the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please email 2Bleaders@uco.edu


Are you interested in being a mentor?

Mentor Expectations

  • Meet with protégé in person at least once per month (twice during first month) or more often if your schedule permits and both parties agree.
  • Agreed-upon goals for the protégé as part of the Mentoring Development Plan (MDP) and protégé to work towards goal achievement.
  • Come to meetings prepared with updates, progress reports, as well as, topics to be discussed using the Meeting Discussion Worksheet.
  • Protégé will manage the relationship (set up meetings, approach mentor with questions, ask for clarification, advice, etc). Materials will be provided.
  • Keep confidences between each other.
  • Evaluate the relationship frequently, considering what has been accomplished and what steps to take next.
  • Provide protégé with advice/guidance, offer development suggestions or direct the protégé to someone who can further assist with protégé’s development needs.
  • Follow through on commitments made.
  • Provide honest, fair and diplomatic feedback.
  • Celebrate the results at the conclusion of the mentoring program.


Mentor Benefits

  • Opportunities to improve coaching, people development and management skills.
  • Increase personal/professional network.
  • Pass on years of experience to others (“Pay it forward”).
  • Gain satisfaction from contributing to the development of capable individuals.
  • Alternative perspective on the organization and issues.


A mentor has the ability to give students first-hand knowledge and insight into the life of a leader. Our goal is to partner tomorrow’s business leaders with the leaders of today.

Become a Mentor