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My research in strategic management of firms borrows from evolutionary economics and industrial organization. It mainly explores the logic of economic selection of business firms in diverse industrial contexts related to systemic technologies. I am broadly interested in examining how firm (investment) strategies influence and are in turn influenced by diverse market mechanisms/ processes. More specifically, I am interested in exploring the relationship among the demand-side, technological and policy factors underlying the temporal and inter-industry heterogeneity of firm (investment) strategy. How do the continuously evolving markets guide firm (investment) strategy and how does firm (investment) strategy influence the origin and evolution of markets?


  • Columbia University, New York
    PhD in Strategic Management, Columbia Business School 2006
    Dissertation: Towards a Theory of Endogenous Market Structure in Strategy: Feedback Effect of Firm Investment Strategy on the Evolution of Industrial Market Structure in Industries Based on Systemic Technologies
    Committee: Prof. Richard R Nelson, Columbia University (Co-Advisor), Prof. Kathryn R Harrigan, Columbia University (Co-Advisor & Chair), Prof. Ashish Arora, Duke University, Prof. Ron Adner, Dartmouth College, and Prof. Bhaven Sampat, Columbia University
  • MPhil in Management, Columbia Business School 2003
  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi, India 1996
    Master of International Business (MIB); Specialization: International Marketing
  • National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India 1993
    Bachelor of Technology (BTech); Specialization: Civil Engineering

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