General Business

A Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business from the UCO College of Business provides a broad business education for students who do not have a preference or need for a specific business major.

The General Business Major

  • As a general business major, in addition to the business core courses, students will have the option to take courses in any of the following areas: Accounting, Business Communication, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems and Operations Management, International Business, Legal Studies, Management and Marketing.
  • A general business degree with provide students with the opportunity to learn skills related to problem solving and troubleshooting, negotiating, delegating, conceptualizing, planning, organizing, leadership, teamwork, team building abd communication (oral and written).

Career Opportunities

  • Store Manager
  • Customer Service Coordinator
  • Sales or Marketing Associate
  • Entrepreneur
  • Recruiter
  • Job Analyst

Related Academic Opportunities

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