Energy Economics

A Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Energy Economics from the University of Central Oklahoma’s College of Business will provide all of the background of a traditional economics degree with an added focus on other disciplines aimed at helping students develop business skills that are crucial to a successful career in the energy industry.

The Energy Economics Major

  • Students majoring in energy economics will take oil and natural gas economics, regulation and antitrust, electricity economics, econometric methods, introduction to energy economics, intermediate micro and macroeconomics, in addition to the business core courses.
  • Students will have the option to select a concentration within the energy economics program. Concentrations include finance and accounting.
  • Students can customize their major with elective courses such as, economic growth and development, economic fluctuation and stabilization, quantitative business forecasting, industrial organizations and urban economics.


Career Opportunities

  • Regulatory Analyst
  • Market Planning or Design Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Load Forecast Analyst
  • Risk Analyst
Learning Objectives

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